This ad is a parody of Pinocchio.

This ad is from the episode Super 80's / Captain America's Got Talent.


  • Pinocchio
  • Jiminy Cricket
  • Geppetto

Summary of Skit

Pinocchio finds out that being a real boy is harder than it looks in an ad for an all-new Disney direct-to-DVD movie.


Announcer: You would love the story of Pinocchio! (Pinocchio's nose grows) You cheered when he got his wish! (stars sparkles on Pinocchio)

Pinocchio: I'm a real boy! (jumps off the shelf and dancing)

(Cut to the short version of the 2006 Disney logo)

Announcer: Now, Walt Disney Pictures presents...

Pinocchio: (Trips on rock) Oww! This skin stuff bruises easily!

Announcer: Pinocchio 2: Boy, Oh Boy, Real Life is Hard. Featuring all of your old friends!

Pinocchio: (looking into toilet) Blaugh! How often do I have to do that?

Jiminy Cricket: A couple of times a day!

Pinocchio: For what, a month?

Announcer: With all new adventures.

Geppetto: Pinocchio! Time for school.

Pinocchio: I did that yesterday!

Geppetto: Real boys go to school everyday!

Pinocchio: Somebody should've told me this before I made my wish.

Announcer: And all new reasons to cheer.

Pinocchio: What's dodgeball--(Gets hit by dodgeball) ...Maybe it was the strings I didn't like. Yeah, what I asked for was no strings.

Announcer: Pinocchio 2: Boy, Oh Boy, Real Life is Hard. Featuring the hit song "Wouldn't it be Great to be Wooden Again?".

Pinocchio: (covered in bandages) Seriously, What was I complaining about? Who doesn't like puppets?

5-second Cartoon

Pinocchio: shop class? (The teacher is about to saw a plank) Wait! That could be my uncle!


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