Parody posters

The following 'gag' posters are from a downloadable bonus from the Cartoon Network MAD site.

Episode 1


Tagline: In space, no one can hear you meow.


Tagline: None

Episode 2


Tagline: They came. They saw. They never left.

Star Wars: the Groan Wars

Tagline: All the action. None of the actors.

Episode 3

2012 Dalmatians

Tagline: The Mayans never predicted this.

Grey's In Anime

Tagline: Gotta cure 'em all!

Episode 4

Star Blecch

Tagline: Where ten movies and five TV shows have gone before.


Tagline: Gleek out with your cheek out.

Episode 5


Tagline: Prepare to be Wall-E-Nated.

Extreme Renovation: House Edition

Tagline: You will believe a man can have his home remodeled.

Episode 6

Pirates of the Neverland: At Wits End

Tagline: Never say Neverland to a new look.

Batman Family Feud

Tagline: "Holy survey, Batman!"

Episode 7


Tagline: Something has found us... and it's chewing on everything.

Big Time Rushmore

Tagline: Get ready for the Founding Rockers!

Episode 8

Fantastic Megan Fox

Tagline: She's crazy... like an actress.

MAD vs. Wild

Tagline: It's a mad, mad, mad world out there. WANNA FIGHT IT?

Episode 9

I Love You, Iron Man

Tagline: Are you Iron Man enough to say it?

Ben 10 Franklin

Tagline: Half Founding Father. Half 10 different aliens. ALL HERO.

Episode 10

Class of the Titans

Tagline: Our greatest hero of the past is about to take on the greatest challenge of his life: high school!

Zeke and Lex Luthor

tagline: This awesome skateboarder meets his match.

Episode 11


Tagline: These guys can't be with this old man if he's not (literally) down.

Mouse M.D.

Episode 12

Da Grinchy Code


Episode 13

Snott Pilgrim vs. the Wonderful World of Disney

Malcolm in the Middle Earth

Episode 14

Pokémon Park


Episode 15

So You Think You Can Train Your Dragon How to Dance

Tagline: The Truth: Dragons can dance!

Yo Gagga Gagga!

Episode 16

The Straight A-Team

Gaming's Next Top Princess

Episode 17

The Buzz Identity

Tagline: This space ranger has lost his memory and he'll do whatever it takes to get it back!

Two and a Half Man

Episode 18

Are You Karate Kidding Me?

The Fresh Prawn of Bel-Air

Episode 19



Episode 20

Ko-Bee Movie

Law & Ogre

Tagline: This murderer mystery is about to get smelly and green.

Episode 21 (Possibilites)

Pooh Grit

Tagline: It's True Grit like nobody's seen it before!

Not a Fan a Montana

Tagline: All of Hanna Montana's fans go from liking Hanna to liking JUSTIN BIEBER!

Episode 22

The Social Netjerk

Smallville: Turn off the Clark

Episode 23 (Possibilites)

TwiGH School Musical

Tagline: SEE what happens when you watch too much Twilight EVEN THOUGH you're a High School Musical fan?

Avenger Time

Tagline: What time is this?

Episode 24


Tagline: Meet Asgard's most irresponsible billionare god.

The Big Fang Theory

Tagline: Two creatures fighting for Bella's love. One sitcom.

Episode 25


The Clawfice

Tagline: It's a funny working show with a mind of its own.

Episode 26

Force Code


Episode 27


Tagline:In brightest day, in blackest night, no carnival shall escape their sight!

Thomas the Unstoppable Tank Engine

Episode 28

Super 80's

Tagline: The 80's greatest memorabilia are about to breakout.

Captain America's Got Talent

Episode 29

Kung Fu Blander

Destroy, Bob the Builder, Destroy

Episode 30

Pirates of the Pair of Tweens

Tagline: Babysitting is at it's weirdest.

Konan the Kardashian

Tagline: What do you get when you cross Conan the Barbarian with the Kardashians?

Episode 31

Fast Hive

Tagline: Who says a bear who loves honey can drive?

Minute to Flynn It

Episode 32

Cowboys & Alien Force


Tagline: Unleash the power of the internet!

Episode 33

TransBOREmores 3: Dark of the Blue Moon

Tagline:The Transformers movies are about to get "Smurfed"!

The Walking Fred

Episode 34

X Games: First Class

Criminal Minecraft

Tagline: It's a murder mystery like you've never seen before!

Episode 35

Kitchen Nightmares Before Christmas

How I Met Your Mummy

Episode 36

Dances with Wolverine: A Footloose Parody

Tater Tots & Tiaras

Episode 37

Demise of the Planet of the Apes

Tagline:See how evolution became revolution in the first place

The Celebrity Ape-rentice

Tagline: The conquest continues....but these apes are up to their biggest challenge yet!

Episode 38

Money Ball Z

Tagline:Baseball will never be the same with these guys around.

Green Care Bear

Episode 39

Spy vs. Spy Kids

The Superhero Millionare Matchmaker

Episode 40

Captain American't

My Supernatural Sweet 16

Episode 41


Undercover Claus

Episode 42

Twilight: Staking Dawn

Cookie Blue

Episode 43

WWe Bought a ZOO

Tagline: The truth: ANIMALS CAN WRESTLE!!

2 Broke Powerpuff Girls

Tagline: If you think 2 Broke Girls isn't funny, then WATCH THIS!!!

Episode 44

Dolphineas and Ferb Tale

Tagline: It's a race to the finish for $10,000!


Episode 45

My Little War Horse

Tagline: This ain't no kids show.

The Tonight Show with Jay Lion-O

Episode 46

Al Pacino and the Chipmunks

Tagline: The Chipmunks are shipwrecked... Al Pacino style!

That's What Super Friends Are For

Tagline: From Superfiends to Justice League!

Episode 47

Real Veal

Celebrity Wife Swamp

Episode 48

Garfield of Dreams

I Hate My Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Episode 49

The Adventures of TaunTaun

Tagline:The tale is about to get retold in a galaxy far, far away!

Everybody Loves Rayman

Episode 50

Potion's Eleven

Tagline:It's eleven wizards against one hotel in Las Vegas, right?

Moves Like Jabba

Episode 51

Addition: Impossible

New Gill

Episode 52


Hulk Smash

Tagline: You will believe a giant, green, raged brut can dance!

Episode 53

The Iron Giant Lady

Tagline: Meet the greatest prime minister who came from outer space!

Raising a New Hope

Episode 54

Yawn Carter

Tagline: Lost in our world, bored in another.

Franklin & Crash

Episode 55

Battleship vs. Titanic

Tagline: James Cameron didn't expect this mess.

Jurassic Parks and Recreation

Tagline: Another reason humans and dinos don't co-exist!

Episode 56


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