Naru210 is a crossover between Naruto and 90210.

This segment is from MAD Season 1, Episode 19: HOPS / Naru210.


Naruto is sent to the only place that can tolerate a spoiled brat like him: Beverly Hills.



  • Naruto
  • Hokage
  • Donatello
  • Adriana Tate-Duncan
  • Navid Shirazi
  • Erin Silver
  • Teddy Montgomery
  • Butler Man
  • Woman
  • Camera Man
  • Ryan Matthews
  • Kellie Pickler (Mentioned)
  • Naruto Clones


(Scene begins at Ninja Academy.)


Naruto: Hokage, why am I being punished?

Hokage: Naruto, you have defaced historic monuments...

(Scene goes to Hokage Monument with writing on it.)


Naruto: I didn't!

Hokage: You have failed your ninja training...

(Scene goes to Naruto as a turtle being punched by a ninja turtle.)


Naruto: I haven't!

Hokage: And you skipped class to see that dopey Justin Bieber movie!

Naruto: I..... wouldn't.

(Scene goes to theater)

Naruto: How does he play so many instruments?

(Scene resumes back to Academy)


Hokage: Naruto, until you learn what it takes to be a true Hokage, you are banished to the only place tolerant of obnoxious, self-entitled brats like yourself.

(Scene goes to East Bevery High School.)


Naruto: Beverly Hills?

(Title card: Naru210)

Naruto: This isn't so bad.

Adriana Tate-Duncan: What's up, jerk?

Navid Shirazi: Wow, here for 5-seconds and you're already dating Adriana.

Erin Silver: How could you? I thought we had something special.

(Erin drops Naruto)

Naruto: Wait. What? Who's? Huh?

(Teddy's car pushes Naruto)

Teddy Montogomery: You're blocking my garage, dummy.

(Teddy opens the garage hidden in the lockers.)

Teddy Montogomery: Hey, butler man, you finished my homework?

Butler Man: As you requested, Master Teddy.

(Bell rings and Teddy closes garage, causing Naruto to fall down)

Naruto: Girlfriends? Drama? In-school garage butlers? This place is awesome! But why did the Hokage send me here?

(Scene goes to bulletin board)

Naruto: "Learn to be a better person." "Humility now." "Help others." That's it, Prom King! The only way to become a Hokage is to become Prom King today!

Navid Shirazi: The prom is tomorrow.

Naruto: To become Prom King tomorrow!

(Scene goes to prom night with "Rock music playing")

(Naruto poofs up out of nowhere next to Navid)

Navid Shirazi: Where have you been?

Naruto: I have spent the day (Scene goes dramatic) practicing my agility, focusing my will, and summoning my inner strength.

Navid Shirazi: Preparing to fight?

(Scene stops being dramatic)

Naruto: No, tying this bowtie.


(Teddy's car comes through the door)

Teddy Montogomery: I'm here to accept my crown as Prom King.

Naruto: Not so fast, Teddy. I, Naruto, hereby challenge you to the bestowment of prom king.

Teddy Montogomery: The only words I understood were "Prom" and "King." But if you're looking to fight, then you're on.

(All gasp)

Naruto: Very well. I can summon an army of clones to increase my fighting ability 100 fold.

(Naruto uses Shadow Clone Jutsu)

People from Crowd: Who is that kid? Is he new here?

Teddy Montogomery: Yes, well, I can buy them all tickets to Everclear.

2 Naruto Clones: You can?

Teddy Montogomery: It's not that hard, really.

Naruto: Then I guess we fight one on one. Yah!!

(Naruto begins to fight Teddy)

(Scene moves away)

Woman: Why does the Naruto fights always happen off screen?

Camera Man: Huh? Oh, sorry. I get distracted easily. Better get back to Naruto.

(Scene gos back to a badly damaged Naruto and Teddy)

Camera Man: Uh-oh. What happened?

Teddy Montogomery: I've seen Kung Fu Panda 27 times.

Ryan Matthews: Hey, everyone, the votes are in, (Drumroll) and your new Prom King is...Naruto. Wait, Naruto?

Teddy Montogomery: But how's that possible? My agent said this was a lock.

Naruto: My clones may have bad taste in music, but at least they never forget to vote.

(Scene goes to the Naruto clones)

Teddy Montogomery: What about the Everclear concert?

Naruto Clone: We're in no rush. The opening act is Kellie Pickler.

Ryan Matthews: Well, congratulations, Naruto. (Drumroll begins again) And now your new Prom Queen is...also Naruto?

Naruto: Did I mention I can transform into a woman?

Ryan Matthews: Yeah, now you're just getting greedy. (Teddy appears.) Uh, your nose is bleeding.


(Scene ends and goes to Credits.)


Naruto and Hokage

A picture of Naruto and Hokage

Naruto behind locker damaged

A picture of Naruto thinking why Hokage send him here

Naruto preparing to fight Teddy

A picture of Naruto preparing to fight Teddy

  • Instead of the leaf symbol, they replaced it with the snail symbol.
  • One of the faces of Anime Mount Rushmore was Alfred E. Neuman.
  • One of the faces of Anime Mount Rushmore had Dragon Ballzzz which could represent how it is boring.
  • There were six "Uhh!" all together.
  • This segment also had the frickle relationship with the teenagers of Beverly Hills, 90210.
  • Naruto was a purple ninja turtle, which is why he got punched by Donatello. (Who wears a purple mask and headbands)
  • Beverly Hill's solgan had "Go Gold Diggers!"
  • Humility now is a reference to the Seinfeld episode The Serenity Now.
  • The help others paper is similar to the Japanese Flag.
  • The prom banner said "Welcome Future n? Reality Stars!
  • When Teddy hold up tickets to Coldplay, he had only 4 in his hand.
  • The woman said "Why are Naruto fights off screen?" Which represents how in the first episode of Naruto, his battle with Mizuki is offscreen.
  • Innuendo: When Naruto transformed into a woman, he is naked but with two clouds covering his body. Also, Teddy stays looking at Naruto as a naked woman.
  • Innuendo: Teddy's nosebleed is a reference to nosebleeds being a euphemism for arousal.
  • Naruto's transformation into a woman is a reference to his "sexy jutsu" technique from the Naruto anime and manga
  • Antagonist: Teddy Montogomery

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