National Broadcasting Company is a cable network and a Comcast affiliate.


NBC Logo NBC was formed in 1926 as two radio networks - A blue network and a red network. Years later, the (in)famous "NBC chimes" (G-E-C) were created. Around the 1940's, new beginnings were beginning: The blue network became ABC, their first official TV logo (A microphone with lightning bolts around it) debuted, and many NBC radio stars such as Jack Benny left for CBS. In the 50's, three new logos were created: A red, green, and blue xylophone with the letters "N", "B", and "C" on it as a station ID, a peacock with 11 colorful feathers (Which would later become the current six-feathered peacock) for the beginning of color broadcasts (With the exception of the premiere broadcast of the Beatles film A Hard Day's Night, which used a penguin), and the "NBC snake" for the end of TV show broadcasts. NBC has gone through many logo (The "Laramie Peacock" used for color broadcasts, a fancy-cut "N", the same N with a new 11-feathered peacock, the current peacock, and more) and slogan ("NBSee Us" in 1978, the infamous "Proud as a Peacock" in 1979-1981, "Just Watch Us Now!" in 1982-1983, "Come Home to NBC" in 1986-1988, "Chime In" in 2008-2009, and more) changes over the years, and at the end of the NBC 60th Anniversary Celebration, the current logo was revealed. In the early 2000's, NBC merged with Universal to make NBCUniversal. Today, NBC is a division of Comcast Corporation.

Shows Parodied

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