Movie Titles in Japan 1

Movie Titles in Japan 1

Summary of Skit

Movie titles in Japanese, though they are actually funny sentences that barely relate to the actual movie plot. This segment is from the episode Force Code / Flammable.

Movie Titles in Japan 2

Movie Titles in Japan 2



ANNOUNCER: MAD takes a look at what these movies were called in Japan!

(Title Card:Movie Titles in Japan)

ANNOUNCER:Tangled became Ouch! You're on my Hair! Julie & Julia: I'm Young, You're Old, Let's Eat! True Grit translated into Girl Seeks Man With iPad...Tch. Despicable Me went by Uncle Fester Gets a Job and Unstoppable became I Can't Stop the Trai--Oh, Wait, no, I've Stopped It.


  • This is the only time that Despicable Me and Tangled got spoofed.
  • The real movie titles in Japan are:

1. Tangled is known in Japan as "塔の上のラプンツェル" (Rapunzel in the Tower).

2. Julie and Julia is called in Japan as "ジュリー&ジュリア" (Julie and Julia).

3. True Grit is called in Japan as "トゥルー・グリット" (True Grit).

4. Despicable Me in Japan as "怪盗グルーの月泥棒 3D" (Thief Thief Moon 3D Group).

5. Unstoppable in Japan as "止められない" (Unstoppable).

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