Summary of Character


Miss Piggy and Kermit in the MAD sketch, Ribbitless

Miss Piggy
is a female pig who appears in The Muppet Show. She has a big crush on Kermit the Frog.

Character Appearances in Show

Season 1

  • Episode 7 Cliffordfield: It was mentioned that she dumped Kermit and she was shown in a picture (in a swimsuit) in the scene where Kermit does his dance.
  • Episode 25 Ribbitless: As herself helping Kermit out with his American Idol audition tape.
  • Episode 26 Flammable: As herself in a poster as she looked in the picture from Cliffordfield.

Season 4

  • Episode 13 (91) After Bert: As First Mate Piggy alongside Captain Link Hogthrob and Dr. Julius Strangepork of Pigs in Space rescuing Ernie in the Swinetrek.