This ad is from the episode The Amazing Spider-Minaj / Go, Dragon Ball, Go!.

Summary of Skit

It's the worst. That's all we can say.


Announcer: Catch the new show about a teen with a terrible secret...

Girl: Hey, some of us are going to the movies after school. Wanna come with?

Boy: I... (Crosses arms) Oh-no... Not now. I'm... (As he becomes Courage Wolf) TRANSFORMING! (The boy becomes Courage Wolf)

Courage Wolf: Don't go to places... MAKE PLACES COME TO YOU!

Announcer: Meme Wolf, from the people who think you've heard of Teen Wolf and who think memes make everything BETTER.

Girl: Uh, that didn't answer my question about the movies.

Meme Wolf: Still... TRANSFORMING! (He transforms into Insanity Wolf)

Insanity Wolf: Do math homework... IN PEN!!!!

Girl: OK, so that's a no? I'm just gonna go.

Three Wolf Moon: NO, WAIT! COME BACK! There's three of us at the moon, LIKE THAT T-SHIRT!

Girl: Ugh, we're the worst.

Announcer: Meme Wolf. It's the worst.

5-Second Cartoon

(Meme Wolf is still transforming.)

Meme Wolf II: Still Not Done!!!

Meme Wolf III: Don't Dream It, Meme It!!!


  • First time Teen Wolf was spoofed.
  • When it shows the title card for "Meme Wolf", a "Me Gusta" from the rage comics can be seen on the moon. The memes in question are Courage Wolf, Insanity Wolf and Three Wolf Moon.

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