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Maximum Security Diary Vault

Maximum Security Diary Vault (we take the secrets to the grave, your grave!)

This ad is from the episode Fast Hive / Minute to Flynn It.

Summary of Skit

Lock up all your secrets in the new Maximum Security Diary Vault.


Julia's Brother: (Reading Julia's diary): "Dear diary, Danny Tomkins is cute!" HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!

Julia: Mom!

Announcer: Do you want to keep your diary safe from frying eyes? Then why not try the Maximum Security Diary Vault! With a Diary Vault, no one will ever learn your secrets. (The diary locks up.)

Julia: Wow, that looks super-secure!

Announcer: Just think how secure it will look 5 miles underground in our top-secret bunker!

Julia: Wait! What?

(Camera goes to Julia in front of the bunker.)

Julia: Well, that looks very safe. But what if I want to get it out again?

Announcer: Easy. Just punch in the access code! The code is your birthday, your pet's birthday, the name of your 1st grade teacher, and your best friend's grandma's maiden name.

Julia: Um... I don't think I know that!

Computer Voice: Sorry, you took too long! The security defense-grave has been activated!

Julia: But I-- (starts to run)

Announcer: Oh, I'd run if I were you 'cause the Maximum Security Diary Vault has a one-strike zero-tollerance policy towards break-ins!

(Julia stops near two robots.)

Julia: (crying) All I wanted was for no one to know that I think Danny Tomkins is cute!

Robot 1: Did you hear that? Julia thinks Danny Tomkins is cute.

Robot 2: Oh my gosh. I thought she liked Steve!


Julia: Hey! You were supposed to keep that a secret! (The robots fire lasers.) (screams)

Announcer: The Maximum Security Diary Vault! We take your secrets to the grave, (3 lasers hit the title.) your grave!


Robot 1: I can't believe Julia kissed Steve!

Robot 2: I can't wait to tell Becky!



  • This skit is similar to Time Travel.

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