This Mike Wartella cartoon is from the episode Fast Hive / Minute to Flynn It.

Summary of Skit

A man goes to put a letter in a post box. But then, the post box comes to life and starts stuffing letter in the man's mouth, asking him how he likes it. But it then turns out that it was just a dream, as in the real world, the man puts his letter in the post box, who instead sighs after the man leaves.


(A man is seen walking towards a post box, carrying a letter.)

Man: (whistling) (puts the letter in the post box)

(The man frowns as the post box comes to life, snatches the letter and starts stuffing letters into the man's mouth.)

Post Box: How do you like it, huh?! Not so fine, pal! Is it?! Is it?!

(The edges of the screen become a thought bubble. The screen zooms out of the thought bubble, showing that it was only a dream. In the real world, the man is seen walking to the post box with his letter.)

Man: (whistling) (puts the letter in the post box) (walks off)

Post Box: (sighs)

(skit ends)


  • The trash can says, "Don't be a litter bug."

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