This ad is a parody of Magic Shell and is from TransBOREmores 3: Dark of the Blue Moon / The Walking Fred.

Summary of Skit

Magic Gel Ad Parody

Magic Gel Ad Parody Opening Title

Magic Gel, the hairstyle product that when you put it on your head instantly hardens into a mobile helmet. Also available: Pet Shell, the best way to preserving your pets. Who would even give this stuff away?


  • Boy
  • Father
  • Brother
  • Mother
  • Girl
  • Fluffy
  • Dog
  • Announcer


Announcer: Remember using that (Magic Shell is on ice cream and hardens) chocolate syrup that hardens when you put it on ice cream?

(Scene backs out to boy)

Announcer: Of course, you don't, who would build a wall between them and their ice cream? That's why we created a brand new product!

(Scene goes to Magic Gel)

Announcer: Magic Gel! (Scene goes to boy in bathroom) Just pour over your head and within minutes,(boy pours Magic Gel on hair and it hardens) your hair hardens into a immobile helmet.

Boy: Is this chocolate?

Announcer: What? No! This is a brand new product.

(Boy walks out of bathroom)

Announcer: Plus, Magic Gel will always maintain that perfect head of hair. Despite (Father appears) fatherly hair tossles,

Father: (rubs boy's head) Hiya, champ. Do you smell chocolate?

(Scene goes to Big Brother holding Kid by the neck) Announcer: Big Brother noogies,

(Brother noogies kid) Brother: Haa, noogies! (stops noogieing) Hey, I smell chocolate.

(Scene goes to boy walking to showcase with cat) Announcer: And minor mishaps.

(Showcase falls onto kid and cat and boy survives)

(Mom rushes in) Mother: Oh my goodness, are you all, do you smell chocolate?

Announcer: No, nobody (girl comes in) smells chocolate.

Girl: I think Fluffy's under there.

Announcer: Aw, what a shame, Fluffy gone too soon? Introducing

(Pet Shell appears)

Announcer: Pet Shell, the best way to preserving your pets.

(Scene goes back to incident)

Boy: Thanks, but he's not dead.

Announcer: Aww, come on people! (Dog comes in and licks cat's tail) Get creative, we got crates of this stuff!

(Scene goes to cat and Pet Shell) Magic Sh--uh, gel- I mean, pet D'oh, who (cat falls over) would even give this stuff away?

(Segment ends)


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