Summary of MAD Magazine

MAD Magazine Issue 509

Issue #509

This magazine has stuff like

  • Letters and Tomatoes
  • $#*! my son says (Charlie Sheen, Martin Sheen)
  • The Fundalini Pages
    • Surprises to Watch for in the 2011 baseball season
    • Latest Classified Ads
    • Angry Birds, Angrier Birds, Angriest Birds
    • Leg of Lambert
    • Superhero Orgins Gone Wrong
    • Surprising Proposals in the NFL Labor Talks
    • This Bland is your bland
    • Monkeys are always funny
    • Ted Williams (Golden-Voiced Homeless Guy) vs. Ted Williams (Hall of Fame Baseball Player)
    • Reasons for that "Mature" ESRB Rating
    • Gimme a Flake
    • Spotlight on American Universities
    • Signs you haven't actually discovered a lost Amazon Tribe
    • Pull my cheney
    • What's making John Boehner cry this week?
  • Muddled Family
  • Kanye West's Most Moronic Tweets
  • The Strip Club
    • The Truth Flirts
    • Just Below the Surface
    • Coombs & Coombs
    • Good Enough!
    • Twisted Toaster Tales
    • It Only Hurts When I Laugh
  • Taco Bull letter
  • Signs that your Hypochondria is out of control
  • Planet Tad!!!!!
  • MAD's Thor Outtakes
  • MAD's 11 Little-Known, Practical, Real Life Uses for ballet
  • Spy vs. Spy
  • Don Martin Beats the High Cost of Gasoline
  • Dancing with the Star Wars
  • Sheen it?
  • Things you don't want to hear from a marriage counselor
  • A MAD Look at Hoarders
  • Similarities & Differences between the Spider-Man Musical and the War in Afghanistan
  • The 50 Worst Things about Facebook
  • One Fine Day on Main Street
  • MAD Fold-In

And more...


  • Coincidentally, after this magazine was made, MAD parodied The Social Network movie. (The Social Netjerk).

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