MAD-Immunity Idol

Title of Ad

This ad is a parody of the Immunity Idol found on Survivor.

This is from the episode The Social Netjerk / Smallville: Turn Off the Clark.

Summary of Skit

The Immunity Idol from Survivor finally comes to real life!


Jeff Probst: The rules of Survivor state that if an Immunity Idol is played any punishment against that player does not count.

Announcer (on screen): Wouldn't it be great if that could happen in real life?

Jeff Prost: How'd you get on the island?

Announcer: Well, now it can with the new MAD Immunity Idol. Now you can have complete immunity just like they do on Survivor.

(Scene goes to a girl skateboarding)

Woman: No skateboarding in the-

[cow bell rings]

Girl sticks tongue out.

(Scene goes to a classroom)

Teacher: OK, class, it's time for a pop quiz.

Class: [groans]

[cow bell rings]

Teacher: D'oh! Except for you, Billy.

(Scene goes to construction site)

Girl tips over porta-potty.

(Siren noises)

Cop: I'm placing you under arre-

[cow bell rings]

Cop: D'oh! Dang it!

Announcer: The MAD Immunity Idol.

Jeff Prost: That does it! We're suing you for stealing our i-

Announcer: Uh-uh! I'm. . .

Jeff Probst: Thank you (Jeff took the Idol)

Announcer: What the. . .

Announcer: The MAD Immunity Idol! is not in stores


  • When the teacher yells "D'oh! Except for you, Billy!", notice there are veins and a tumor on his forehead.
    • Also, 'D'oh' is the catchphrase of the cartoon character Homer Simpson from the TV Show The Simpsons.
    • Antagonist: Annoucer and Kids

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