Summary of Skit

A guide to phobias.


5-Second Cartoon

MAD References


MAD's Guide to Phobias.

Tagaphobia, the fear that an unflattering photo of you will appear on Friendnook.

(After clicking around, the guy finds the unflattering (and gross) photo of him kissing a monkey in Vegas in 2004 on Friendnook.)

Pantightus, the fear that you won't able to get out of your skinny jeans.

(After the girl tried to get out of her way too tight jeans, by crowbar too, another guy tries to get the skinny jeans off the woman. First by blowtorch, then jackhammer, and finally, hitting a hammer on an impact-triggered nuke. The last resort worked... at the expense of the girl and the surrounding environment.)

Snowglophobia, the fear that when you shake a snowglobe, you're ruining the lives of tiny people.

Tiny People: AAAAHHH! HELP!

And Voltronitis, the fear that the guy who pilots your leg robot won't show up today.

(Big Dinosaur kicks One-Leg Voltron.)

And that's MAD's Guide to Phobias.

5-second Cartoon

Transformaphobia, the fear that your car is going to change into a giant robot.

(The giant robot poops out a Justin Bieber doll.)

Justin Bieber: I'm from Canada!


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