Skit from 2012 Dalmatians / Grey's in Anime


Announcer: MAD's Guide to Celebrity Siblings; They're just like their famous siblings only less talented. Take the Jonas Brothers. You know Nick, Joe, and Kevin, but what about their sister, Merva?

Merva: Ah, I don't play an instrument, but sometimes when I breathe, my nose whistles.


Announcer: Everyone knows Mario and Luigi, but what about their brother, Fabricio?

Fabricio: I don't like-a the sewers, I make-a pizza instead.


Announcer: Finally, we like to watch Emily Osment on Hannah Montana, but would you'll ever want to watch something starring her brother, Haley Joel Osment?

Haley Joel Osment: Actually, I was a child actor too.

Announcer: Sure you were. We all were.

Haley Joel Osment: I was! I was in The Sixth Sense and a bunch of other movies.

Announcer: Never heard of them.

Haley Joel Osment: What about A.I.?

Announcer: This had been MAD's Guide to Celebrity Siblings.

Haley Joel Osment: Secondhand Lions? Now I didn't even see that one.

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