This ad is from the episode Fantastic Megan Fox, Mad vs. Wild.

Summary of Skit

There's nothing we can't make shoes out of. We're Klaus' Shoe Garden. Now opening at Queens Store! Bronx Store location closed forever! New location at Harlem Mall!


(As Cinderella walks away...)

Prince: Your slipper! (Groans)

Klaus: Wondering who'd make a shoe out of glass? Then come on down to the Shoe Garden, where we turn any material into a shoe! Want a comfy slipper? Some would say glass, we make 'em out of rubies.

Dorothy Gale: OW! They're so sharp!

Klaus: Feet too big for a normal pair? We'll make one out of lettuce! There's no material that we can't turn into a shoe! We made this one out of stucco! So come on down to the Shoe Garden, because stupid shoes don't grow on stupid trees. Unless you're at the Shoe Garden!

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