This ad is from the episode Snott Pilgrim vs. the Wonderful World of Disney / Malcolm in the Middle Earth.
Snot Pilgrim vs the Wonderful World of Disney Malcolm in the Middle Earth K-Stew's Beef Stew Ad Parody Cartoon

K-Stew's Beef Stew


K-Stew's Beef Stew is sure to wipe the smile off your face.




Announcer: You know her as the miserable star of Twilight...

Kristen Stewart: I'm so unhappy.

Announcer: Now she's got something that's sure to wipe the smile off your face too. It's K-Stew's Beef Stew. We've taken Kristen Stewart's negative attitude and packed it into hardy chunks of beef soaked in brown juice.

Kristen Stewart: It's okay, I mean if you like stew.

Announcer: After one bite, you'll be just as gloomy as Kristen.

Girl: I mean I don't hate it.

Man: Eh, I've definitely had worse.

Woman: Is this commercial almost over?

Announcer: Sure your stomach is gonna hurt, but not as much as it hurts for K-Stew to smile from time to time. If you like Kristen Stewart, you might sorta like K-Stew's Beef Stew!

(Kristen keeps smiling.)

5-second Cartoon

(Smiling continues.)


  • The K-Stew's Beef Stew logo is a parody of the Crest logo.
  • This ad reappears again in Twilight: Staking Dawn.

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