This ad is a parody of Carl's Jr.

This ad is from the episode 2012 Dalmatians / Grey's in Anime.

Summary of Skit

A new hamburger that will mess up your shirt, your room, your reputation, and your life.


Narrator: If you like things messy, try the new triple pounder for Juicy Jr.! It won't just mess up your shirt, it will mess up your room...

Mom: Your room is a mess! YOU'RE GROUNDED!

Billy: But...

Hamburger/Triple Pounder: Hehehe!

Narrator: Your reputation...

Hamburger/Triple Pounder: Hey, bonehead.

Bully: You're a dead man!

(Bully punches Billy)

Billy (Or Bully): (Groans)

Hamburger/Triple Pounder: Hehehe!

Narrator: Even your life.

Cop: Billy, we found your fingerprints all over the crime scene.

Hamburger/Triple Pounder: Yeah, I guess you got him copper.

Narrator: The new triple pounder from Juicy Jr. Think twice about how messy you want things to get.

(Jail cell closes)

Hamburger/Triple Pounder: Fresh Meat. Hehehe!


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