This ad is a parody of Judge Mathis.

This is from the episode Da Grinchy Code / Duck.

Summary of Skit

Judge Mantis invades the court by eating everyone.


Announcer: This week on Judge Mantis...

(PLANTIFF: Defendant owes him two months back rent)

Plantiff: He owes me two months back rent!

(DEFENDANT: Claims Plantiff is lying)

Defendant: YOU LIE!

Announcer: Judge Mantis makes a tough decision.

(Judge Mantis eats the Defendant)

Plantiff: I'm very happy with the judge, partially because I need the money, but also because I really don't wanna be eaten today! (Bad timing - Judge Mantis gets on the Plantiff...) But-but I won! (...and eats him)

Man at Microphone: I thought so, too. (To the viewer) I thought so, too.


Announcer: And later, when it comes to paying the wedding photographer, this bride says "I don't"! Don't miss one second of an all-new Judge Mantis. (JM busts out of the paper, roaring) She's judge, jury, and mantis!


  • Judge Mantis has replaced the normal version, Judge Mathis.

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