Jor-El is a fictional character, an extraterrestrial in the DC Comics Universe. He was created by the writer Jerry Siegel and the artist Joe Shuster, and he first appeared in a newspaper comic strip in 1939 as Superman's biological father. Jor-El appears in Extreme Renovation: House Edition talking to his son on TV.

Jor-El is a Kryptonian, and the husband of Lara. He was a scientist on the planet Krypton before its destruction. Jor-El foresaw the planet's fate, but he was unable to convince his colleagues in time to save the inhabitants. He was able to save his infant son, Kal-El (Superman), sending him in a homemade spaceship to the Earth just moments before the explosion of Krypton. After constructing his Fortress of Solitude, Superman honored his deceased biological parents with a statue of Jor-El and Lara holding up a globe of Krypton.

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