This ad is a parody of Jersey Shore and Thor.

This ad is from the episode The Social Netjerk/Smallville: Turn Off the Clark.


Jersey Thor

Odin: You're a vain, greedy, and cruel boy!


Odin: I cast you out!

(Thor gets sent to Earth.)

Thor: Oh no. Is this... Earth?

Snooki: It's worse... It's Jersey!

(Thor gets shocked.)

Announcer: The Jersey THOR!

Thor: Your ancestors called it magic. You called it science. Where I'm from it's called a PARTY!

(Party scene.)

The Situation: Hey, The Situation has arrived.

JWoww: I think The Situation just got better.

(Party scene.)

Thor: I like this drink; Bring me another.

Vinny: Dude, those are our sodas. (Gets whacked)

(Party scene.)

Pauly D: Bro, you need to work on your tan.

Thor: I don't plan to fry today.

(Party scene.)

Thor: I'm fond of you all; (Shows a picture of Thor's family) My family wears crazy helmets too.

JWoww: Uh, these aren't helmets. It's our hair.

The Situation just gets better!

Thor: Oh, uh, sorry.

(Party scene.)

(Scene cuts to Thor and the crew in a hot tub.)

Pauly D: Yo, dawg, you'll totally fit in; You got abs, you wear a T, you even got a catchphrase.

Thor: By Odin's Beard! I do have a catchphrase!

Pauly D: You're just missing one thing.

Thor: A bigger hammer?

Pauly D: Close; Whoever wields this blow dryer shall possess the Power of The Shore.


(Everyone gets shocked.)

Announcer: The Jersey THOR!


  • Third time The Situation appeared.
  • Thor also didn't have the same skin tone and hair color of the crew.
  • This the second time Jersey Shore gets spoofed.
  • This segment's been censored in Latin America. It's perfectly fine to show it in the USA.

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