Summary of Skit

Exceptions for I before E.


Hey kids, remember, it's I before E, except after c, or when sounding like A, as in neighbor and weigh. Plus these few exceptions: Caffeine, species, science, sufficient, ancient, society, weird, theism, protein, sovereign, foreign, feisty-

(Interrupted by MAD News)

-kaleidoscope, codeine, deify, deity, seize, beige, neither, counterfeit, zeitgeist, sheik, conscience. And that's I before E except after C-- plus a few exceptions.


  • It is almost the same as MADucation 101.
  • The words that appear on the screen are:
    • Caffeine
    • Species
    • Science
    • Sufficient
    • Ancient
    • Society
    • Weird
    • Theism
    • Protein
    • Foreign
    • Feisty
    • Kaleidoscope
    • Codeine
    • Deify
    • Deity
    • Seize
    • Neither
    • Counterfeit
    • Zeitgeist
    • Sheik
    • Conscience

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