This ad is from the episode ArTHOR/The Big Fang Theory.

This ad is a parody of Hooked on Phonics and Hulk.


Narrator: When it comes to learning, is your child weak?

Kid: Uh, Banana?

Narrator: Then toughen them up with......

Hulk: (Breaking into house) ROAR!!!

Narrator: Hulked on Phonics.

Hulk: With Hulked on Phonics, Hulk teach good speech for kids.

Kid's Mother: Um...Hulk? Are you the right person for this job?

Hulk: Hulk teach good old kid to... (growling) Hulk scientist! What you know?

Narrator: With Hulked on Phonics, your child will learn to read twice as fast by simply ignoring the less important words.

(Scene goes on in classroom)

Toddler: Cow jump moon.

Teacher: You seemed to have missed a few words.

Toddler: (growling)

(Scene goes in another toddler's house)

Toddler: Hop Pop.

Toddler's Father: This book doesn't even have that many words.

Toddler: (growling)

(Scene goes in Lenny's)

Kid: Rrrr! Boy eat Waffle.

Waitress: That menu is just pictures of food.

Kid: (growling)

Narrator: So order now, 'cause if The Hulk can transform in minutes...

Dr. Bruce Banner: Wow, where did all this money come from?

Narrator: Your child can too.

Kid: Me like book.

Narrator: Hulked on Phonics. The best way to teach your kids how to learn.....

Hulk (Breaking into house again): ROAR!!! Use less words!

Narrator: Uh, book read good! Rrrrr!


  • The man was holding a Dr. Seuss book with a picture of The Cat In The Hat.
  • The Dr. Seuss book was incorrectly spelled "Sue us", which might be to avoid copyright infringement.
  • Bruce Banner was reading Hulked on Phonics in Captain America's Got Talent.
  • Lenny's is a parody of Denny's

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