Heather Maidat is a writer for MAD. Heather recently co-wrote the adaptation of James Patterson’s romantic comedy Sundays at Tiffany's, starring Alyssa Milano and Stockard Channing. She has written for the television shows History IQ, The Love Lounge, Shipmates, Girls Behaving Badly, The Yesterday Show, Filter, and MTV specials as well as for pilots you've never heard of. Her humor essays have been published on The Huffington Post, MSN, Blacktable, Fresh Yarn, JMag, Girlcomic, Sirensmag, and in the Indierock Guide to Dating. Heather began her career assisting at Saturday Night Live, All My Children, The Jerry Lewis Telethon, CBGB's 25th Anniversary, on two Oscar nominated documentaries, and music videos from Duran Duran to The Roots. She associate produced The Chris Rock Show, John Leguizamo's Freak for HBO, for the critically acclaimed charity and pop-culture based record company The Red Hot Organization and the indie film Wicked City.

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