This ad is a parody of Lucky Charms.

This ad is from the episode WALL·E·NATOR / Extreme Renovation: House Edition.

Summary of Skit

Happy makes the multi-colored marshmallow bits that are fantastically delicious. But his brother, Bertram, makes the toasted oat-based pieces that are sixty hours a week with overtime delicious.


Happy: Oooh, Hee, Hee, Hee, Hee!

Girl: There goes Happy.

Happy: Ahahaha, Oooh! You'll never get me Marshmallow Charms.

(Happy blows a raspberry and hides in a cave.)

Boy #1: Quick, he went

(The kids enter the cave and find Bertram, a worn-out leprechaun.)

Boy #1: Uh, are you happy?

Bertram: Do I look happy? No I'm Bertram, his brother.


  • Alludes to the fact that marbits make up over 25 percent of the cereal's volume.

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