This ad is a parody of Global Positioning System (GPS)'.

This ad is from the episode Ribbitless/The Clawfice.

Summary of Skit


Announcer: Does this happen to you?

Man: If we're very quiet, we...

(Gorilla roars and beats up the man)

Announcer: Then you need the Gorilla Positioning System, the only GPS designed to reveal a gorilla's hiding place.


GPS Voice: Turn left, then make a right at the tree.

(Gorilla gets angry)


Announcer: 'Cause there's no telling where those suckers are hiding!


GPS voice: Open door.

(Angry gorilla again)


Announcer: And with the Gorilla Positioning System...


GPS voice: Look out right window.

(Yep, angry gorilla)


Announcer: can avoid any unnecessary run-ins.


GPS Voice: Four seats to your right.



Announcer: The Gorilla Positioning System, you're gonna go "ape" for it!


GPS Voice: Lift paper.

(Fifth angry gorilla)



  • Goof: In the movie theater, the GPS said the gorilla was four seats to the kid's right. The gorilla was actually in the next two seats to his right.

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