These two segments are from the episode Cliffordfield / Big Time Rushmore

Transcript - ACT 1

Goomba: We're gonna get 'em today.

Simon: Oh, yeah!

Goomba: No way Mario is gonna get past us.

Simon: No way!

Goomba: We bad?

Simon: Oh, we bad alright.

MAD - Mario the Goomba Killer00:59

MAD - Mario the Goomba Killer

Video of the skit

(Mario jumps on Simon)

Goomba: (rather loudly) Simon! Why? He was so young! Why? Why me? Take me instead! My kid brother! What am I gonna tell ma? Oh, Mama. Mama, your boy is dead! It should have been me, ma; Just try it again!

Transcript - ACT 2

Goomba: Alright, new guy, now stay alert, you got big shoes to fill.

New Guy: Yeah, big shoes, big shoes.

Goomba: Stick with me and you'll go far in this business.

New Guy: Yeah, go far, go far!

(Mario jumps on New Guy)

Goomba: (rather loudly) Not again! Oh, why? You crook! You criminal! He was only a kid; He was my kid brother's kid brother! I'll get you, you overall wearing stink pot! (tries to jump over the pipes) How do I get outta these pipes! Help!


  • The Goombas' heads were upside-down, making them shaped like hearts, and the pipes were mirrored.
  • Mario was in his old design from the 1981 arcade game, Donkey Kong and his hat was blue like in Mario Bros.. In Super Mario Bros., Mario was wearing a red cap, red shirt, and blue/brown overalls.
  • To prevent suing, everything is incorrect including the Goomba stomping animation.

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