Cartoon Mad - glee VR in supernatural cartoon boys HD01:11

Cartoon Mad - glee VR in supernatural cartoon boys HD

Video of Segment

This ad is a parody of Glee and Digital Video Recorder (DVR).

This ad is from the episode Force Code / Flammable.

Summary of Skit

Sue Sylvester meanly introduces a DVR that turns your recorded show into musicals.


MAD References


  • Glee Club
  • Sue Sylvester
  • Sam and Dean (Supernatural Example)
  • Garfield/Fat Cat (Kids Show Example)
  • Red Football Team (Sports Games Example)
  • Blue Football Team (Sports Games Example)
  • Anchorwoman (Local News Example)
  • Announcer


High School Gang: (Singing) Singing in high school...

Announcer: Don't you wish all shows could be like Glee? Well now they can with the new GleeVR.

Sue Sylvester: Hi, I'm Sue Sylvest-- You know what? If you don't know who I am, then you're an idiot, but you're already an idiot because you get to buy the new GleeVR, the only device that not only records your favorite shows but also turns them into musicals. Watch how it works. I said WATCH! This is an episode of the show, Supernatural.

Dean: Did you hear that?

Sam: Better stay close.

Sue Sylvester: Now here it is with the new GleeVR.

Sam and Dean: ♪ I hear the boo boo boo of a gh-gh-ghoul ♪

Sue Sylvester: Amazing, right? Don't patronize me. I already know it's great. I don't need your two cents to know that. The GleeVR also works on sports events...

Red Football Team Player: ♪ I'm gonna throw it to the end zone (gets tackled by the other team) ♪

Sue Sylvester: Kids shows...

Garfield/Fat Cat: ♪ Yes I'm a cat, and I really am fat, but it's Friday so I can deal with that! ♪

Sue Sylvester: And even the local news.

Anchorwoman: ♪ A tree exploded, 17 injured! ♪

Sue Sylvester: So get your GleeVR today or so help me out, I will come out there and kick you in the [censored]!

(GleeVR mutes)

Announcer: The GleeVR! With four convenient mute buttons, 'cause let's face it, even the singing gets a bit much sometimes.


  • First time Supernatural gets spoofed.
  • The cat that sang is a parody of Garfield.
  • The song that the cat sings sounds like "I'm Just a Bill" from Schoolhouse Rock!
  • The four mute buttons are mute, muterer, Knock It Off and I'M DYING HERE!
  • Innuendo: Sue Sylvester says "So get your GleeVR today or so help me out, I will come out there and kick you in the "censored" the "censored" word could mean the "private part". 
  • This was originally the ad is from the episode Ribbitless / The Clawfice, but it moved to Force Code / Flammable.
  • The News @ 9 anchor looks familiar to the teal shirted girl in the beginning of this segment.

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