This ad is from Episode X-Games: First Class/Criminal Minecraft.

This ad is a parody of Gandalf.

Summary of Skit

Tired of having everyone snooping through your stuff? Then you need Gandalf's 3-ring binder!


(A kid gets knocked over by another kid, causing the stuff to fly out of the kid's binder.)

Kid: Oh, I wish I had a sturdier notebook!

(Scene goes to the top of a mountain.)

Gandalf: One ring to rule them all, and three rings to bind them. Introducing Gandalf's 3-Ring Binder! Forged at Mount Doom in the fires of the custodian's office, the 3-Ring Binder is perfect for organizing you notes, homework, and magic scrolls. And every time you snap it shut, (The kid sees his 3-Ring Binder turn invisible.) it dissappears!

Teacher: Where's your homework?

Kid: It dissappeared!

Teacher: Likely story.

Gandalf: Plus, once you get a 3-Ring Binder, everyone will want one! From Ringwraiths...


Gandalf: To that creepy kid in science class.

Gollum: Give me my precious!


(The kid gets knocked over by a Ringwraith.)

Gandalf: Gandalf's 3-Ring Binder! Look how sturdy it is.



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