This ad is a parody of For Dummies Books and Demi Lovato.

This ad is from the episode TwiGH School Musical / Avenger Time.

Summary of Skit


Demi Lovato: Hi, I'm Demi Lovato, star of screen and screen. Acting may look easy, but it's really
tough that's why I wrote Acting for Demis. When I was filming Camp Rock with the Jonas Brothers, I can never tell which brother I should be talking to. Now I just flip to Chapter 1, learn people's names. Hi, Joe Jonas.

Kevin Jonas: Actually, I'm Kevin.

Demi Lovato: What?
But I wrote down Joe had dark hair. I guess I should learn how to should write a better book that's why I wrote Writing for Demis. I found Chapter 2 really helpful. Don't use marker on your computer screen. Lots of time people say I'm writing on my computer, but they mean is, I'm typing on it. You shouldn't really write on it. So, order now and we'll send you the complete Demis series. Wait, that's not a phone, which is
why I wrote Telephone for Demis. My favorite: Chapter 3: Bananas are not telephones. So if you want the books, just take them. Take them! I see you out there! Why won’t you take them?


  • When you read a paragraph in one of the books, It doesn’t have any actual information.

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