Summary of Skit

The Farto Tuner - the only device to make farts like the gunshot, the patriot, and silent-but-deadly sound better!


Announcer: Autotuning has made so many singers sound better, like T-Pain.

T-Pain: I wish I could tur-ee-urn this o-ooo-off!

Announcer: And now, that same technology can help you sound better with the Farto Tuner.


Girl: That's gross!

Announcer: Now try it with the Farto Tuner.


Girl: That's engaging!

Announcer: The Farto Tuner can make any fart sound better, like the Gunshot...

BHHT!-(autotune noise to "Oh My Darling, Clementine")

Announcer: ...the Patriot...

BHHT!-(autotune noise to "The Star Spangled Banner")

Announcer: ...Silent but Deadly...

BHHT!-(autotune noise to a single "do" note)

Announcer: So wherever you are, let her rip!

BHHT!-(autotune noise to the "ta-da")

Announcer: WARNING: Farts still stink.


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