Extreme Renovation: House Edition is a take-off of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

This segment is from MAD Season 1, Episode 5: WALL·E·NATOR / Extreme Renovation: House Edition.


Ty Pennington takes over Superman's Fortress of Solitude.

Extreme Renovation House Edition00:50

Extreme Renovation House Edition

Video of short segment




(Title card: Extreme Renovation: House Edition)

Ty Pennington: This week on Extreme Renovation: House Edition, we're heading north - WAY north - to take on Superman's home, the Fortress of Solitude! At the request of some of the people closest to him.

Joker, Sinestro, and Lex Luthor: HI, EXTREME RENOVATION!

Lex Luthor: We couldn't help it but fear that Superman's Fortress of Solitude was interfering with his social life.

Sinestro: Yeah, I'd actually hang out with him if his place wasn't so darn cold.

Lex Luthor: Can you help?

Ty Pennington: We sure can, Lex. (Turns on megaphone.) GOOD MORNING, SUPERMAN!

(Superman arrives... in his underwear)

Superman: Morning? We're at the North Pole. It's 11:30 at night.


Superman: Is someone in danger?

Ty Pennington: I'll say.

(Superman flies off for Disneyland)

Ty: Yep, for living such a private life. (Megaphone goes back on) TEAR DOWN THOSE CRYSTAL WALLS!

(The wrecking ball smashes as the crystal wall is about to get smashed.)

Ty: Maybe we should work on that. (LATER...)

Superman: (Returns) I couldn't find anyone at Disneyland, so I-- wait, who are you?

Ty: Ty Pennington, Extreme Renovation: House Edition. The show responsible for your new Fortress of Fun!

Superman: Fortress of-- (Sees the changes) How did you get into my house?

Ty: With a spare key left with your neighbor. (Which is actually Santa.)


  • Antagonists: Joker, Lex Luthor, & Sinestro
  • When VICTORiOUS was on TV, it was just a non-moving picture of the cast from the show.
  • Danny Phantom and Casper the Friendly Ghost can be seen flying through the Phantom Zone. However, Danny has green hair instead of his original white hair.
  • The Joker didn't had lines in the sketch only with his mouth open.
  • This is the fourth segment that the name of a MAD parody is said. The previous segments were:
    1. TransBOREmores
    2. Star Blecch
    3. uGlee

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