Mailman vs. Dog is an animated short made by Jorge R. Gutierrez.

Transcript Act 1

Alan: I don't care what you say, I'm not coming in.

Dog: For the millionth time, I won't bite you. I just want my mail.

Alan: Just...say you won't promise you'll bite me.

Dog: I promise I won't bite you.


Dog: Idiot.

Transcript Act 2

Alan: Ooh, a package. Who's it from?

Postman: Uh, Mr. Frank Retriever.

Alan: Frank Retriever? Hmm....


Dog: Frank Retriever. Really? You so deserve this.

Transcript Act 3

Dog: First off, I wanna thank you for coming. Between losing my ball then this diet got me down. Well, I haven't been myself lately and I hope you accept this as my apology.

Alan: A new mail bag?

Dog: And I have your monograph. See? MM.

Alan: My name is Alan.

Dog: Really? This whole time I thought it was mailman.

Alan: Thanks.

Dog: The least I can do for you. Well, if you excuse me, I'll hit the hydrant.

Waiter: Hmm, special dessert for the gentleman.

Alan: I didn't order any-


Dog: Haha, I knew your name was Alan!


Mad shorts mailman vs01:03

Mad shorts mailman vs. dog

Mailman vs. Dog (animated by Jorge R. Gutierrez)

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