This ad is a parody of Edward Cullen and Clean & Clear.

This ad is from the episode HOPS/Naru-210.



Girl: Catch you later, crater face.


Edward Cullen: Are you fed of getting teased by your acne?

Boy: Are you in a puddle?

Edward Cullen: Well, now you can fight zits the way vampires do with Cullen Clear. Just put some on your hand.

Boy: Is that water clean?

Edward Cullen: Apply directly to zits and when you step into the sunlight, your pimples appear as diamonds. Just wait till they get a load of you.

Girl: Hey, look is crater...I mean 24-carat face.

Edward Cullen: For a complexion of a vampire, use Cullen Clear. Side effects include itching, blinding, and getting confused for a vampire.

Werewolf: Grrr!

Boy: [gasp!]


  • The last scene was obviously a parody of Twilight.

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