This ad is a parody of Cobra Commander of the G.I. Joe and the Oprah Winfrey Show.

This ad is from the episode, Pooh Grit/Not-a-Fan-a-Montana.





Cobrah: On the next Cobrah (shoots Eiffel Tower). I interview author of the Twilight saga Ssssssssstephenie Meyer. Ssssssso I heard that your books are the precise way to crush those G.I. Joesssssss.

Stephenie Meyer: Uh no, not at all.

Cobrah: What? Then why would anybody read thessssssse? I get breakfast tipsssss from Jamie Oliver. Sssssssso, chef, how much poison do you put in a waffle you know to destroy those pestering Joessssssssss?

Jamie Oliver: Poison? Well, well normally you would...

Cobrah: (flips table) You are uselessssss to me and I give back to all my loyal fans. Look under your seat you get a masssssssssssk, you get a masssssssssssk, everyone gets a massssssssk!

Duke: We found Cobrah's base. Yo Joe!

Cobrah: Dratssssssss, this couldn't have waited until sweeps week! RETREAT! (Runs away) All of this and more next time on Cobrah.

5-second Cartoon

Cobrah: Craft Services STINKS! (Knocks over the catering tray)


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