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Skit from The Buzz Identity/Two and a Half Man

This Ad is a parody of Club Med.


(Announcer) Being a werewolf is awesome!

The only drawback? You have to wait the whole month to enjoy it!

That's why you deserve a trip to Club Moon, the werewolves only resort.

Located on the beautiful Planet Uranus. Holds to 27, count 'em, 27 moons.

So now you can be a werewolf 27 times as much!

And our state-of-the-yard shuttle to wish your furry little butts directly to Club Moon.

(Wolf 1) Wait a minute. Werewolves can't survive in space!

Well, no kidding!

Club Moon awarded the silver bullet of excellence and brought to you by H.O.W.L, Humans Ousting Werewolves League.

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