Summary of Product

Clean & Clear is a line of dermatology products owned by Johnson & Johnson.

The brand was originally developed by Revlon as a line of sensitive skin personal care items in 1957. The "Clean & Clear" name was based on products that contained no fragrance or dyes, and left no residue after rinsing. The original line featured shampoos, conditioners and facial skincare products. In 1991, Revlon sold Clean & Clear to Johnson & Johnson.

In 1993, Clean & Clear adopted its current slogan, "Clean & Clear and Under Control". Johnson & Johnson repositioned Clean & Clear within the market, focusing on acne; the products are similar to their Neutrogena (which J&J bought in 1994) line, but less expensive.

Their primary focus is on skincare of young women but has extended their range to include products treating a wider range of conditions, recently launching a line of products "SOFT" focused on facial moisturizing. Clean & Clear is currently available in 46 countries.Recently in July Clean & Clear has released the morning burst surge power cleaser.

For more information about Clean & Clear, visit here.

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