Season 1

Celebrities Without Their Makeup

Opening Title to Celebrities Without Their Makeup

Pirates of the Neverland: At Wit's End / Batman Family Feud

Da Grinchy Code / Duck

(These are all Christmas-related)

The Straight A-Team / Gaming's Next Top Princess

Season 2

Fast Hive / Minute to Flynn It

It's a MAD Monkey Special

Was changed to Celebrities Without Their Ape-up


  • Da Grinchy Code / Duck is the first segment to include a holiday-related segment (Christmas one).
  • In Pokémon Park / WWER, the MAD news announced that Russell Brand tweeted Katy Perry without her makeup, making her look like a lemur. However, this didn't appear on any Celebrities Without Their Makeup. It's possible it will appear soon, however.

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