This segment is from Men in Black to the Future / Pokémon of Interest.

This ad is a parody of WebMD.

Summary of Skit


Announcer: Don't you wish all diagnoses can come from celebrity doctors?

Doctor 1: You need to have your lung removed.

Doctor 2: No you don't! You have POISON IVY!

Patient: Shut up non-celebrity doctor!(Looks at doctor 1)Tell me more about my lung.

Announcer: Then you'll need CelebMD! The online service where celebrities wait in on your ailments!

(Patient 2 is on CelebMD)

Patient 2: Wow! It's BRAD PITT!

Brad Pitt: Hey. What seems to be the problem?

Patient 2: I have a stuffy nose and a fever.

Brad Pitt: Sounds like someone is sick! Alright I'll take care of that.

(The CelebMD is out)

Patient 2: Whoa. I AM SICK! Thanks Brad Pitt.

Announcer: So why settle going to a doctor when you can have your facts you need right at home.

(Patient 3 is on CelebMD)

Patient 3: RIHANNA?! I can't believe it's you!

Rihanna: I'm sorry you're not feeling well. Tell me what's wrong.

Patient 3: My heads killing me for days and I can't tell if it's a flu.

Rihanna: Ugh. I hate when that happens. Feel better!

(The CelebMD is out)

Patient 3: How could anyone care about headaches when Rihanna also gets headaches?

Announcer: And who could tell if someone is ACTING than an actor himself?

(Brian's Mom is on CelebMD and Johnny Depp appears)

Brian's Mom:(Gasp) Honey look! It's JOHNNY DEPP!

(Brian groans)

Johnny Depp: I'm Johnny Depp and everyone loves me. What's up?

Brian's Mom: Brian here says he's TOO SICK to go to school!

Johnny Depp: You tell Steven to get up and stop faking it!

Brian's Mom: YOU HEARD JOHNNY DEPP! Get dessed Steven!

Brian: But Mom MY NAME IS BRIAN!

Brian's Mom: GET DRESSED!!

Announcer: It's CelebMD! Because sometimes FAME is the best medicine!

(Brian vomits and faints on it. EWWWWWWWWWW!)

Brian's Mom: THAT"S IT! I'm calling Ryan Gosling!

(segment ends)


  • A picture of the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic character Princess Luna can be seen on the wall in one of the scenes in the sketch.
  • Another scene has a picture of the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic character Twilight Sparkle in the background.

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