This ad is from Pooh Grit/Not-a-Fan-a-Montana.


Ready to play like you were a Pokémon now you can with Big League Pika-chew.


Announcer: When you are in a Big League, the excitement is electric! And now you can catch that electricity with...


Announcer: Big League Pika-chew!


Umpire: Uh, ow?

Announcer: Because Big League Pika-chew is the only gum made from actual Pikachus!

Pikachu: No no wait, oh oh oh, WHY WHY?

Girl: Wait, they're made from WHAT? (spitting)

Announcer: For tasty wads of shredded Pikachus, grab Big League Pika-chew: The gum made for you from dead Pikachus!



  • Like other TV shows that make fun of Pokémon, this parody refers more than one Pikachu "Pikachus".
  • This is also a parody of a type of bubble gum known as Big League Chew.

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