MAD References


And now it's time for Beauty Tips With Megan Fox.

Hi, I'm Megan Fox.
Are you happy with your looks? Well, you shouldn't be, but if you take my advice, you'll be so beautiful no one can believe it. First, always use a shade of eyeliner that compliments your skin tone. Not dark enough? Then use your laser finger to make the shade darker. Wanna draw more attention to your lips? Open up your wrist access panel and set the air pressure to a safe 2.5. It's that easy. And for the special occasion, sometimes a whole new look is in order. That should get heads turning, turning, turning, turning, destroy all humans, destroy all humans, destroy all humans.

Hi, I'm Megan (X4)


This has been beauty tips with Megan Fox.

(Segment ends and go to Caller ID)


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