ArTHOR is a crossover between Arthur and Thor.

This segment is from MAD Season 1, Episode 24: ArTHOR / The Big Fang Theory.


ArTHOR is a vain and spoiled god who is sent to Earth to get a job.

5-second Cartoon

MAD runs out of money in the budget for an after-credits cameo.


5-second Cartoon


5-second Cartoon


(Segment begins at the place Asgard, the scene goes to somebody sleeping in bed snoring, the clock that says "9:29" turns into "9:30" and makes an alarm sound, a person in bed breaks it with hammer, Odin walks in and turns light off and on)

ArTHOR: Dad, I just want to sleep more.

Odin: You are a vain, greedy, and cruel boy.

(ArTHOR is heard snoring)

Odin: You aren't worthy. (Odin picks up the hammer with power) And until you learn how to conduct yourself like an adult, I cast you off.

(Odin gets a magic wand and casts it on the bed making him land in the middle of the desert)

(Scene goes to the man getting up and Rango appearing)

Rango: Well, you just crash landed in dirt. who are you?

ArTHOR: I am a god. But you can call me... ArTHOR. Yeah, I said it.

(Scene goes to title card "ArTHOR" with rain and thunder pouring.)

(Scene goes to Rango and ArTHOR trying to get a ride)

Rango: A god? Well, you must be invulnerable.

ArTHOR: Yes, but- (HONK! BUMP!) It still hurts.

(ArTHOR gets up looking hurt)

Jane Foster: Is this yours?

(She picks up the dismembered arm)

ArTHOR: No, but I think I know whose it is. I'll just hold it for him.

(Scene goes to "Dirt Dinner")

Jane Foster: I can't believe you're a god from another world.

ArTHOR: So? I can't believe you took a job with Ashton Kutcher. Doesn't mean it ain't true.

Jane Foster: You seem so un-godlike.

ArTHOR: That's because my dad cut me off from my power until I learn how to act more responsibly.

Jane Foster: Like how?

ArTHOR: You know, get a job, marry my fiancee, pick up a check every now and then.

Tammy: I'll take the bill whenever you're ready.

(ArTHOR begins to slide the bill to Jane)

ArTHOR: (Whistles)

(ArTHOR slides it to Jane again)

ArTHOR: Ahem.

(Scene goes to "Jim's Boxing Gym" with a bell dings)

(ArTHOR is seen warming up by punching)

Rango: ArTHOR, we need to find you a job.

ArTHOR: I'm taking boxing lessons from my new friend Captain America.

Captain America: You looking for a job? Maybe you could join S.H.I.E.L.D. like me.

ArTHOR: Oh, but I don't have a shield like you.

Captain America: You don't need a shield, it's just a name.

ArTHOR: I have wings like you. I could join a group called W.I.N.G.S. if you'd like.

(Short silence)

Rango: He, uhh, he don't got to be smart for this job, does he?

(Scene goes to S.H.I.E.L.D.'s headquarters building)

Phil Coulson: So you have what it takes to join S.H.I.E.L.D, but your references are a girl you just met and a chameleon.

Chameleon: Whoops.

(Chameleon changes back into Rango)

Rango: (Acting nervously) This is definitely not a secret plan to infiltrate S.H.I.E.L.D., by the way. (Laughs nervously)

Phil Coulson: Oh. Well, ok, then. You're in.

Rango: Now you just have to marry your fiancee.

ArTHOR: But I don't love her, Rango. I love Jane.

(ArTHOR holds Jane's hands and little hearts appear near Jane)

Rango: Then we'll just have to explain it to her.

ArTHOR: That's not going to be easy.

Rango: Well, why not?

(Rumbling can be heard)

(ArTHOR and Rango see through the window)

ArTHOR: That's my fiancee.

(Scene goes to the Destroyer wrecking the city)

The Destroyer: (Roars)

Rango: Whoa! Is that an enchanted suit of armor?

ArTHOR: Yeah, her mother wore it at her wedding, now she wants to wear it at ours. Blah blah blah.

(Scene goes to the Destroyer wrecking the city)

Rango: Uh, excuse me. I know this isn't easy to hear, but ArTHOR loves someone else now.

(The Destroyer opens helmet and shoots flames at Rango, leaving him burned)

ArTHOR: Are you OK?

(Rango falls down not saying a word)

Jane Foster: ArTHOR, help!

(Scene goes to the Destroyer with Jane in its hand onto a construction site building)

Jane Foster: Save me! Aah!

(Scene goes to Mario and Donkey Kong eating lunch)

ArTHOR: Excuse me, sir. I need to borrow this.

(Scene goes to ArTHOR trying to save Jane in a Donkey Kong (Video Game) style; also, video game sounds are heard)

(ArTHOR saves Jane and the Destroyer climbs up stairs.)

(ArTHOR jumps down to Rango and Phil Coulson)

Jane Foster: You did it, ArTHOR.

ArTHOR: Now my power can be restored.

(Hammer falls on ArTHOR's head)

ArTHOR: Thanks, dad.

(Segment ends)

5-second Cartoon

(5-Second Cartoon segment begins with ArTHOR, Jane, Rango and Phil, basically where we left off)

ArTHOR: Isn't there supposed to be a special cameo or something after the credits?

Phil Coulson: Sorry, we ran out of money in the budget.

(The crew walks away)

(Meanwhile, the scene goes to a mysterious person looking like Nick Fury facing backwards only revealing a bald head and jacket)

Crowd: (Cheers)

(Mysterious Person that looks like Nick Fury turns around only to see Alfred's head.)

Crowd: Oh.

(Segment ends again)


  • This is the 16th segment that the name of a MAD parody is said.
  • ArTHOR's fiancé has some of the roars from Gamera.
  • When ArTHOR was getting up, there was a sign saying "Dirt, pop: 12."
  • The menu for "Dirt Dinner" said Eggs, bacon and coffee for $1.99.
  • While ArTHOR and Jane were talking in "Dirt Dinner," Rango was busy eating flies.
  • When ArTHOR said that Jane took a job with Ashton, that was a parody of No Strings Attached because in that movie, Natalie Portman (who played Jane) had to play a role to have a relationship with Ashton.
  • The Woman Clerk (Known as "Tammy" because of name tag) was seen with no head (Because she was tall).
  • The S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters building allowed public parking because of the sign.
  • ArTHOR saved Jane in a Donkey Kong video game style. (With he using the hammer and the monster throwing barrels.)
  • This is the first time Rango gets spoofed. (He re-appeared in Addition Impossible.)
  • Antagonist: The Destroyer
  • Innuendo: In Latin America, this episode is called "ArTHOR Seductor Inmortal" which translated means "ArTHOR Seductive Inmortal".
    • Also, after ArTHOR is being rolled by a car Jane asks him if the dismembered arm is his.
    • The restaurant where ArTHOR, Jane and Rango went is called "Dirt Dinner".

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