Animal vs. Appliance title card

Animal vs. Appliance is a segment found in Force Code / Flammable.

Summary of Skit

It is an event that you can choose your favorite to win this round.


Announcer: MAD presents Animal vs. Appliance! Elephant vs. Refrigerator!

(Elephant beats the fridge.)

Announcer: Winner: Elephant! Cat vs. Vacuum Cleaner!

(The vacuum beats the cat.)

Announcer: Winner: Vacuum Cleaner! Dog vs. Blender!

(Both act crazy.)

Announcer: Tie! Turkey vs. Oven!

(Turkeys beat the oven, but get scared by the elephant.)

Announcer: Winner: Turkey! Now you know who to back in Animal vs. Appliance!

5-second Cartoon

Announcer: Gorilla vs. Dryer!

(The gorilla bangs on the dryer, until...)

Announcer: Winner: (Gorilla leaves) Dryer!


  • Right on the 5-second Cartoon in "Gorilla vs. Dryer". When you take your clothes dryer, a soundtrack of the video game Half-Life is heard, called "Adrenaline Horror".

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