This ad is a parody of Angry Birds.

This ad is from the episode Trans-BORE-Mores 3: Dark of the Blue Moon/The Walking Fred.


Orignal Concept Art

Summary of Skit

Are you an angry bird? Well come here, we do squawk therapy and more.


  • Bird #1
  • Dr. Robert Hexenblatt
  • Toucan #1
  • DeSean
  • Bird #2
  • Bird #3
  • Bird #4
  • Bird #5
  • Bird #6
  • Bird #7
  • Bird #8
  • Toucan #2


Bird #1: He he he he! Whee! (stops video)

Dr. Robert Hexenblatt: Are you an angry bird? Do you launch yourself as a projectile for no particular reason? Do you want to destroy poor side domiciles? Well, I think we can help. Hi, I'm Dr. Robert Hexenblatt, director of the center for Angry Bird Management. Here at the center for Angry Bird Management, we specialize and wither clients of their angry bird emotions with these such as Squawk Therapy...

Toucan: He he he he! Ow!--I mean, squawk!

Dr. Robert Hexenblatt: Very good boy it is.

Dr. Robert Hexenblatt: Behavior Analysis... DeSean, what do you want to do to this pig?

DeSean: h--h-- I want to h--h--hug it!

Dr. Robert Hexenblatt: And Role Playing. I'm a bird and I want to destroy your home. How does that make you feel?

Bird #2: Very, very confused.

Dr. Robert Hexenblatt: Good boy. He's ready. So don't delay, flock to a phone and give us a squawk today. The center for Angry Bird Management.

(Segment ends as the birds are beating the ever loving SNOT out of the pig.)


  • The cell for squawk therapy has a few blocks in the background, based on Tetris and Dr. Mario.
  • When Dr. Robert Hexenblatt was talking towards the end, he didn't see that the birds were beating up the pig.
  • The Angry Birds & Pigs were in some incorrect color, plus there are some Angry Birds that don't exist. And some that are probably not even birds.
  • When the Angry Birds go to the center for Angry Bird Management, they look like that they are pretending they repel their mood, but at the end, they destroy the pig behind Dr. Hexenblatt's back. You know what they say, Old habits die hard.
  • Dr. Robert Hexenblatt says the angry birds attack the pigs no particular reason, but it's obvious in the original games that the birds attack the pigs they steal their eggs.

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