This ad is from the episode ArTHOR/The Big Fang Theory.

This ad is a parody of Alvin and the Chipmunks.

Summary of Skit

They're not what they used to be when you were kids because they grew up and became MONKS! In stores now! Available wherever bread is sold.



Announcer: You loved them when you were kids, but now Alvin, Simon, and Theodore are all grown up and breaking new territory with their latest CD, Alvin and the...Monks.


Simon: Ready, Brother Alvin?

Alvin: Ready, Brother Simon.

Simon: Hit it, Brother Theodore.

(monk chorus)

Kanye West: I think it's bold. At first I thought it was a bee buzzin', but then I really got into it.

Beyoncé: I was impressed that they can speak, but now they speak Latin too?

Dave Seville:

Announcer: They may have started on the streets, but now they own the hood. With hits like Dominus Hominus, Kyrie Nightly, Eggs Benedictus, and more! Alvin and the Monks, on sale wherever bread is sold.


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