Altoids are a brand of breath mints that have existed since the 18th century. Altoids are less widely available in Great Britain—their country of origin—than in the regions to which they are exported. The mints are stocked in relatively few stores, including Tesco and Waitrose supermarket chains. Unlike their marketing in the USA, they have never been heavily marketed in the UK.[citation needed] Callard & Bowser-Suchard formerly manufactured and produced Altoids at a plant in Bridgend, Wales, but Wrigley, the brand's owner, moved Altoids' production to an existing plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee, to manufacture the products closer to where they are primarily marketed. They were marketed for a brief period in the 1990s under the "Nuttall's" brand when Callard and Bowser was under the ownership of Terry's. Altoid mints labeled "sugar-free smalls" do not contain gelatin, therefore they are suitable for vegans, vegetarians or those following a halal or kosher diet.

The history of Altoids dates back to the reign of King George III. The brand was created by a London-based Smith & Company in the 1780s but eventually became part of the Callard & Bowser company in the 19th century. Their advertising slogan has been "The Original Celebrated Curiously Strong Mints" for a number of years, referring to the high concentration of peppermint oil used in the original flavour lozenge. The "Story of Altoids" text is printed on the paper liner inside certain tins.

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