This ad is from The Social Netjerk / Smallville: Turn off the Clark.


Zuko: Every year kids graduate without knowing what they want to do with their lives. That's why I created A.T.I., the Airbender Technical Institute. At A.T.I. we teach you how to harness your powers and put them into a realistic job setting.
Able to bend water? We'll place you aside with one of our best plumbers in the industry.

Plumber: I think you've unclogged it?

Zuko: Have a talent with air? Talk to one of our auto technicians.

Auto Technician: Those dents don't unbend themselves you know.

Boy: At the Airbender Technical Institute, I learned I have earth bending powers; now I'm an electrician for some reason. Thanks A.T.I.

Zuko: I was a disgrace to my family. Why should you be too? The Airbender Technical Institute.


  • This is the first time Avatar gets spoofed.
  • It's quite odd how Zuko is the one hosting this ad, even though most of the stuff mentioned for the school is for airbenders 9Where's he has no realtion to one(Or atleast as we know of). While Mad probably thought this would suite him better.

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