2012 Dalmatians

[Scene begins at Museum of Natural Mystery]


Adrian Helmsley: Welcome to the Museum of Natural Mystery. A place to learn about everything from dinosaurs [DINOSAUR] to prehistoric fossils. [FOSSIL]

Carl Fredricksen: Not me, you nitwit. He means the caveman bones.

[Scene goes to caveman bones similar to Fred and Barney.]

Adrian Helmsley: Not to mention our wall of ancient hieroglyphics, or as it's more commonly known, "The Diary of a Wimpy Mayan." These writings warn of a mystery surrounding the number 2012. Some say it's the year the world will end. Some say it's a superstitious tale. I say it's the price of admission.

[The sign says $20.12.]

Jackson Curtis: $20? That's ridiculous. I can bore my kids just as easily with a long car ride.

Noah and Lilly Curtis: Oh, no.

Jackson Curtis: (Kids are covering their ears)...And then in 1989, I held a boombox over my head. Boomboxes were like MP3 players, but much heavier. Hey, kids, look. A shooting star. Make a wish.

Noah Curtis: I wish you'd stop talking.

Jackson Curtis: Wait a minute. You can't see shooting stars in the day.

[Scene goes to unidentified objects falling from sky]

[Suddenly, a puppy crashes through the window.]

Lilly Curtis: A puppy!

[Puppy licks her]

Jackson Curtis: But not just one of 'em.

[Scene goes to the title card "2012 Dalmatians"]

[Scene goes to puppies falling and yipping.]

[A puppy hits the car's tires and they skid.]

[Curtis family goes inside Madeline's Beauty Salon]

Jackson Curtis: Quick someone turn on the television.

[Television turns on]

Thomas Wilson: This is the president. It seems we've all been condemned to enternal dalmatian. Ha ha ha ha! See what I did there with the- Anyway, puppies of all sizes are landin' so hard, it's wreaking havoc across the world. On the ocean...

Zack Martin: I'm using hot dogs for bait.

Thomas Wilson: ...on land...

[Scene goes to a statue shaped like Alfred E. Neuman being destroyed]

Thomas Wilson: ...And at Ocean Land.

[Scene goes to Shamu jumping out of the water and being boing by a dalmatian, which changed the colors.]

Random Dalmatian: Whoa.

Thomas Wilson: But at this time, Emergency plans are spotty at best. Get it? Spotty. Guhh! Anyway, you're on your own.

[Scene goes to Thomas Wilson running out. Also a big puppy falls down saying "Arf"]

[Thomas Wilson gets tangled by a flea collar. He falls down saying uhh.]

Thomas Wilson: Wow, I just got collared.

[crickets chirp]

Thomas Wilson: Anyone?

[Scene goes to Flint Lockwood running but gets caught in a brown ball.]

Flint Lockwood: Uhh. This had better be a meatball.

Jackson Curtis: We gotta fix this dog situation.

[Puppy dog eyes get big making boing sound]

Jackson Curtis: (Puppy shivers in fear) I- I don't mean "fix", I mean lead them away somewhere.

Lilly Curtis: I got a dog treat.

[Jackson opens the door]

[Scene goes to two-thousand and eleven of dalmatians flooding]

Jackson Curtis: We're gonna need a bigger bone.

[Scene goes to the dalmatians knocking down the ship.]

Zack and Cody Martin: Whaah!

[Scene goes to the dalmatians flooding the Curtis family.]

[A dolphin chatters in the background and then splashes back in.]

Jackson Curtis: That's it!

Noah Curtis: That's it? Jeez, on the log flume, you at least get your picture taken.

Lilly Curtis: A dinosaur bone?

[Jackson ties bone to car and runes with it, making the puppies follow it and some are arfing.]

Lilly Curtis: They're following us.

Noah Curtis: Where are we going?

Jackson Curtis: You'll see. Just get ready to jump. 3, 2, now.

[Curtis family jumps out while car goes downsteam with it's tire skiding with the puppies following it barking.]

[Car and puppies fall off cliff]

Cruella de Vil: Hmm. Did I leave the kettle on?

[Objects falls on Cruella]

Cruella de Vil: Ohh!

[Puppies arf]

Cruella de Vil: Uhh. why do I live in a canyon?

[A puppy slurps her]

Noah Curtis: Nice goin', Dad.

Jackson Curtis: Well, now we know what 2012 stands for.

Adrian Helmsley: Yeah. It's the price of that dinosaur bone.

[Segment ends with Jackson paying Adrian Helmsley]

Grey's in Anime

[Scene begins with Cristina Yang and Meredith Grey running into the clinic with a sick patient on the wheelchair.]

Cristina Yang: Get me a hospital bed!

Meredith Grey: Is the patient hurt?

Cristina Yang: No, for me! I'm exhausted from pushing him here.

[Scene goes to patient in bed]

Patient: [In bed] I don't feel so good.

Owen Hunt: Quick! Give him 20ccs of sodium phosphate.

Lexie Grey: I'll make it a blind CC so he doesn't know who sent it.

Patient: OOOOOOH!

Derek Shepherd: Stand back. I'm putting him under with a sedative.

[Derek pinches the patient with a needleful of sedative]

Patient: Uhh. That's strange. You all look so different all of a sudden.

[Right on cue, the sedative kicks in as, in a ripple effect, the Grey's crew change their animation style into... Japanese Anime.]

[Title card: Grey's in Anime]

[Fast techno music starts playing.]

Owen Hunt: Quick! What are his vitals?

Meredith Grey: They're... over 9,000!

Owen Hunt: What?! 9,000?! That's impossible! I'm gonna have to power up [With echo] to Super Surgeon!

Patient: Where'd his shirt go?

Lexie Grey: I'll prep this surgery by playing the card Dark Physician.

[With that, the Dark Physician is summoned]

Lexie Grey: He has 3,000 [3,000 box appears] healing points and is a Medicine-type monster.

Alex Karev: Not so fast, Lexie! I already played the trap card Malpractice Suit, [Businessmen appear] destroying your Dark Physician.

Lexie Grey: Alex, what are you doing?! We have to work together!

Alex Karvez: No, Lexie. I'll defeat you and heal this patient all by myself.

Meredith Grey: He's up to 10,000! We're losing him!

Derek Shepherd: We need to shock him. Go, Checkaflu!

[Checkaflu comes out]

Checkaflu: Checkafluuuu!

[BZZT! The patient is treated to defibrilation, Checkaflu style.]

Derek Shepherd: That brought us some time.

Callie Torres: Oh, no! Look! [Scene goes to patient with a purple Espercrystal sticking out, also Pedobear appears] He's got the final fragment of the Espercrystal stuck in his chest.

Lexie Grey: Of course. That explains the poisoning of his soul.

[Face appears quickly and disappears quickly]

Derek Shepherd: There's only one thing that can dislodge an Esper Shard.

All together: Metamorph to Robotic Surgeon!

[Scene goes to the team metamorphing into robotic surgeon.]

Robotic Surgeon: Arrow of Light!

[The Arrow of Light airs at patient which creates an explosion.]

[Scene goes back to the normal Grey's Anatomy world - heavily damaged by the anime experience - and music ends.]

Patient: What the heck happened?

Meredith Grey: Oh, you just needed your appendix out. You're fine now.

Patient: But-- But-- Checkaflu...

Derek Shepherd: Bless you.

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