Segment from The Straight A-Team / Gaming's Next Top Princess
Ay Carly! Small Title Sequence

Opening Title to ¡AY Carly!


Next on ¡AY Carly!:

¡AY Carly!

Carly and Sam get jobs!
MAD Ay Carly!00:36

MAD Ay Carly!

Video of the segment

Carly: We got jobs!

Sam: Yay!

As matadors?


¡AY Carly!

And Freddie takes over the show! Oh no!

Freddie: Hi, I'm Carly and I'm Sam...and I'm confused.

¡AY Carly!

Plus, Spencer gets into some hot water!

Spencer: Uh, it's not water, it's soup.

¡AY Carly!

All this and more on an all new ¡AY Carly!

¡AY Carly!

Followed by SpongeRoberto SquarePants!

SpongeRoberto SquarePants: I'm ready!


Spanish dubbed verison

¡AY Carly!

Carly y Sam Obtienen Trabajo.

Carly: ¡Nosotras Tener Trabajo!

Sam: ¡Yay!

¿Como Matadoras?


¡AY Carly!

Y Freddie Se Hace Cargo De La Presentación. ¡Oh oh!

Freddie: Hola, soy Carly Y yo soy Sam...Y Estoy Confundido.

¡AY Carly!

Además, Spencer Se Mete En Agua Caliente.

Spencer: Uh, No Es Agua, Es Sopa.

¡AY Carly!

Todo Y Más En Un Nuevo Episodio De iAY Carly.

¡AY Carly!

Seguido Por Roberto, la esponja cuadrada con pantalones.

SpongeRoberto SquarePants: ¡Ole!



  • This is a parody of the shows that aired on Nickelodeon are iCarly and El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera (probably because of the animation of the sketch).
  • SpongeBob appears as a mpMexican sponge & is called SpongeRoberto.
  • A picture of Mexican SpongeBob was shown at the art show "It's the shizNICK!"
  • The segment is also dubbed in Spanish after the Gaming's Next Top Princes segment.
  • "¡la esponja cuadrada con pantalones!" is Spanish for "Sponge with SquarePants!"
  • First time MAD makes a Spanish dub segment.
  • It is unknown if the Spanish verison is appealing to Hispanic communities.
  • The "¡la esponja cuadrada con pantalones!" title card is similar to the one from Almost Naked Animals.
  • It also reappears in X-Games: First Class while Charles Xavier is watching TV.
  • This ad reappears in a one-commercial break during Gaming's Next Top Princess. WHY, MAD? WHY DID YOU RUIN MILLIONS OF FANS WAITING TO HEAR WHO WINS?

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